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Groundnut is an important oilseed crop in India which occupies first position in terms of
area and second position in terms of production after soyabean. China ranks first in groundnut
production with 17.57 million tonnes followed by India 6.73 million tonnes, Nigeria 4.45 lakh
tonnes, Sudan 2.83 million tonnes and United States of America 2.49 million tonnes accounting
for 36.01, 13.79, 9.12, 5.80 and 5.11 percent of total world production of 48.80 million tonnes in
2019-20. According to the first advance estimates 2022-23, Government of India kharif
groundnut is estimated at 83.69 lakh tonnes as compared to 83.75 lakh tonnes in 2021-22
According to the all India rabi crop coverage report, Government of India, as on 30th
December 2022, groundnut was sown in around 4.34 lakh hectares as compared to last year (3.72
lakh ha). Among the states, Karnataka stood first in area coverage with 1.64 lakh ha followed by
Telangana (0.79 lakh ha), Odisha (0.70 lakh ha), Andhra Pradesh (0.58 lakh ha) and Tamil Nadu
(0.08 lakh ha).
Groundnut exports in November stood at 24,914.43 Tonnes compared to the export of
3,952.90 Tonnes in previous month. China’s export demand made 97.66% of the total exports at
24,331.69 tonnes. Oil millers and Groundnut seed processors have started buying the commodity
in large quantities. However, demand from China is anticipated to get affected due to surge in
covid cases.

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