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Dehydrated Onion

The demand for dehydrated onion has increased, the net consumption is still insignificantly compared to potential demand. Producers are always determined to offer rich in nutrition dried food products for ready-to-cook meals and snacks, which is likely to be another major aspect impacting the consumption of dry vegetables globally including dehydrated onions. Increasing customer awareness regarding the enhanced shelf life of all the dehydrated food products has actually contributed to the growing acceptance of dehydrated onions between customers, particularly in emerging economies, for instance, China and India.

Higher preference for fresh onions and low consumer awareness are key factor restraining overall growth. However, people are getting aware of its cost benefits. According to estimations, dehydrated onion costs 10X lower than fresh onion. Demand will escalate throughout the forecast period due to easy storage, lightweight and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, dehydrated onions can be used as ingredients in food products.

Food and beverage industry accounted for the largest market share of global intake followed by consumer usage and other allied sectors. These are extensively used as ingredients across a range of products. They are used chiefly as raw materials in these industries. Consumer usage will continue to witness upward trajectory growth throughout the forecast period. As per the approximations, the segment will continue to witness the fastest growth over the time frame.

White onion leading the global dehydrated onions market. Due to the red onions are not suitable for dehydration as of low solid content, low pungency levels and high content in reduced sugars. So, JISL has to be involved in enhancing the production of white onions for processing.

Region-wise, Asia Pacific will register the fastest growth during the forecast period. In Asia Pacific region, emerging countries, such as India and China, fresh onions are accessible only in particular seasons, therefore, creating a beneficial opportunity, particularly, for dry onion producers to offer customers with a reasonable option specifically in offseason. So, Asia Pacific region is projected to hold a substantial share in the market for dehydrated onions in the coming years. India mostly exports to Russia, Europe, the US & some African countries as well.

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