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Specifications :

Product Name:-

Dehydrated White Onion Flakes

Botanical Name:-

Allium Cepa

Quality / Grade:-

Flakes-A,B, Commercial


10kg, 12kg, 14kg Paper bag or Box

Shelf Life:-

12 months when storedunder the correct conditions



Description :

    Dehydrated White Onion flakes is offer to our clients at superior range. Onion flakes is exported to our clients with complete freshness and taste. These are highly used for the preparation of sausages pie and black pudding. We have our qualified experts and make sure these are processed using quality material. These are available in standard size of 8-25 mm.

Benefits :

  • Dehydrated White Onion Flakes contain prebiotics, which improve sleep and even reduce stress in humans.
  • Dehydrated White Onion Flakes another active medical element is vitamin C.
  • It aids in stress release and also increases the strength of the vision.
  • Dehydrated Onions have inhibitory effect against V. cholera, the microbe responsible for cholera.

Uses :

  • Dehydrated White Onion flakes fit every sip of the super soup collection.
  • Canned foods travel from backpack to tummies with our concentrated onion flavor.
  • Get into the mode to take the frozen food that lasts longer with dehydrated onion.
  • Wipe away the onion tears from the plough to plate to eat with no rots.

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