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Specifications :

Product Name :-

Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes

Botanical Name :-

Allium Cepa

Quality / Grade :-

Flakes-A,B, Commercial

Packaging :-

10kg, 12kg, 14kg Paper bag or Box

Shelf Life :-12 months when stored under the correct conditions

12 months when stored under the correct conditions



Description :

    Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes are 100% natural directly from farms with premium quality without artificial additives and preservatives. Onion flakes are made from fresh onions that are coarsely chopped and then dehydrated. They lack much of the pungency of fresh onions, but they are convenient and have a great flavor and aroma.

Benefits:- :

  • Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes are promotes healthy digestion.
  • its promotes strong bones.
  • Dried Onion flakes are helps with the regulation of blood sugar.
  • Also benefitted in helps keep muscles functioning properly.
  • Re-hydrating the chopped onions is very convenient. It will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to do so.

Uses:- :

  • These flakes are ready to use and serve the purpose.
  • Easy to Use Red Onion Flakes are widely used in number of food items like soup, fast food, pizza until dressing etc.
  • The flakes are usually used in the dressing of salads, sauces etc.
  • Small quantities of the flakes can be used to bring the crispiness and the roasted flavor of onion to sandwiches, salads, sauces

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